This site is put together by Hari and Sam to showcase astronomical and space events in Wairarapa. 

Our team has been organising space-themed events – such as World Space Week 2023, we had a proof of concept pop-up space science centre, we created a dark sky exhibition called “look after our night sky”. 

In December 2022, Wairarapa became a dark sky reserve, which means our Wairarapa skies have been recognised as being “exceptionally dark”. 

Our Education and Outreach Projects

Imagine the Stars Permanently Aligned in Carterton!

December 2022 - february 2023
Wairarapa Pop-up Space Science Centre

As we reflect on the extraordinary journey of the Wairarapa Space Science Centre (WSSC), we dream of a future where our commitment to space science and education becomes a permanent fixture in the heart of Wairarapa – Carterton.

What if we Could have a permanent space science centre in Wairarapa?

From December 2022 to February 2023, the New Zealand Astrobiology Network Charitable Trust run the pop-up Wairarapa Space Science Centre as a proof of concept and feasibility study for a permanent space science centre in Carterton. 

Open every day from 19 December 2022 to 6 February 2023, except for Christmas and New Year’s Day; we were thrilled to welcome 3,300 curious minds from all walks of life to explore the wonders of the universe with us.

Read more about our pop-up space science centre here.

But we believe this is just the beginning.

Imagine a permanent Space Science Centre, a hub of scientific discovery that serves not just as an attraction but as a symbol of Carterton’s embrace of the stars. This would benefit the locals by providing an exceptional educational resource and attracting visitors from far and wide. Our pop-up centre already demonstrated this potential – many visitors travelled specially to Carterton to join us, and their presence benefited businesses across our thriving community.

What will we do in the meantime?

We will continue our education and outreach work within the region, host events and planetarium shows and we hope to see you there. 

Creating a permanent home for space science in Carterton is our dream, mission, and next giant leap.

Together, we can make this happen. Just as the universe expands, so can our collective curiosity and knowledge. Let’s continue this journey of discovery and invest in a permanent centre that will inspire generations to come, shining as a beacon of Carterton’s commitment to the cosmos.

Here’s to our shared future, under the same starlit sky, growing ever more curious and knowledgeable about our place in the universe. Join us in turning this dream into reality.

Brighter skies ahead, The WSSC and New Zealand Astrobiology Network Teams

The New Zealand Astrobiology network


The Wairarapa Space Science Centre is a project o the New Zealand Astrobiology Network. We are a registered charity CC55226

our Mission

To inspire, educate, collaborate and coordinate access to astrobiology in New Zealand to improve opportunities for the greater good.

New Zealand Astrobiology Network is a charitable trust established in 2016. The trust is dedicated to encouraging, assisting, and promoting astrobiology in New Zealand. We also help provide access to programmes in astrobiology education and outreach around the world.

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