Skyglow – a movie by Wairarapa Resident Connor Hislop

Check out the skyglow movie that Wairarapa-resident Connor Hislop created.
Picture of Haritina

April 26, 2024

Wairarapa resident Connor Hislop, known on social media as @Jukebox_Filmss, has crafted a unique movie centred around the theme of skyglow. A student pursuing a Bachelor of Screen Arts degree at Massey University, Connor has been a passionate filmmaker since primary school. His 2023 movie project was inspired by the efforts to designate Wairarapa as an International Dark Sky Reserve.

This innovative short film melds fiction with reality, portraying a photographer (played by Connor’s father) intertwined with factual elements about Kaikoura’s initiatives to mitigate light pollution that adversely affects local bird populations. Space Science Communicators and Dark Sky advocates Hari Mogoșanu and Sam Leske are also featured in Connor’s movie. Hari and Sam, also Wairarapa residents, talk about light pollution and dark skies from Star Safari, where they stargaze every clear night.

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